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Black Ant Illustration
Black Ant Illustration
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Dandelion leaf illustration
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I am Curious in Nature
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Dandelion flower illustration
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Autumn Forest Mushroom

Hello! I’m Emma, and I am Curious in Nature

I’m a qualified countryside ranger and member of the Association Of Foragers, the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland and the British Mycological Society. I’ve spent the last seven years learning as much as I can about the diverse multitudes of flora, fauna and fungi that make up our glorious Scottish ecosystems. I love wild places and all of the beautiful, disgusting, astonishing life to be found in them.

Helping Curious People escape into the wild to explore and reconnect brings me such joy! There’s nothing better than seeing the delight and fascination that takes over when folks delve deeper into the vast, interconnected, wild communities we’re all part of. There’s treasure everywhere!

Treasure Chest Sketch

Come on, let’s go ...

There’s nothing like the wild connection you feel when gratefully and respectfully enjoying nature’s abundance.

I can help you develop this widely forgotten skill, which will bring you ever closer to the delicious wild world.

There are so many ways to get close to the wilder, other than human world! Come with me to explore the wondrous treasures that can be found if you know how to look.

Learn to recognise the birds by their songs, dip for underwater pond life, spend an evening hunting for Scottish glow worms, and much more!

Some of the wild experiences I can offer involve more fragile creatures or ecosystems, so they need to be kept a bit more exclusive.

I would be thrilled to offer bespoke days in nature for you and your family, friends or colleagues. please get in touch, the possibilities are endless!

hand draw raspberries

Foraging connects us to wilder places in a unique and magical way.

Curious guided foraging walks offer an up-close and personal experience for folks seeking beginner to intermediate level guidance and advice on the identification of wild Scottish plants, trees and fungi with a focus on their traditional medicinal and culinary uses.

Wild food tasters and tales from Scottish folklore are included!

Reed water plant sketch silhouette
an image of a newt rendered in lino-cut style

Lets play outside!

Exploration and mindfulness in wilder places is a tonic that will bring untold richness to your life!

The Curious approach to nature connection focuses on exploration, joyful-fascination and discovery. With pond dipping, moth trapping, birch sapping, bug hunting, bird singing, wolf howling good times!

Humans are part of the wilder world, even if it has become strange and unfamiliar to us. Turn up in nature and open up your senses -You will be welcome there!

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Just what you need!

I offer bespoke days of foraging and wild adventure to fit your interests and those of your family, friends and colleagues. These include wild scavenger hunts, crafting sessions, birthday parties and more.

I love to work with schools, universities, businesses and folks looking for a special vacation experience.

Some of the activities I offer need to be limited to reduce negative impacts on the wild world. These include adder safaris, foraged harvests and badger watching.

Bespoke sessions start at £250 for a half day (up to 4 hours) and £390 for a full day (up to 8 hours). I am always happy to discuss your particular requirements.

Please contact me via email to discuss possibilities:

Finding fabulous, sustainable gifts for the curious people in your life can be tricky. But never fear! Curious in Nature has got you covered.

These Gift vouchers will bring great joy, they are redeemable against the cost of any foraging, nature connection, or private Wild Adventure with Curious in Nature. Even better, like your curiosity, our vouchers never expire!

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